The Boundless Heart

You're In!✨

Starting tomorrow, you'll receive daily self-discovery journal prompts from me, (Laura Christine). 

Look for the subject, {Day 1}, {Day 2} etc...

Be sure to check your promotions folder or even {gasp} SPAM! if you don't see them in your inbox.

How to Use Them✨

Remember, there's no right or wrong way. You can:

  • Sit quiety with the prompt and meditate on it
  • Open your journal, take your pen, and write
  • My preference: use flow of consciousness writing where you don't even stop to pick up your pen!
  • Reflect on the prompts throughout your day: set reminders on your phone to take a 5 minute reflection break
  • Go for a walk to clear your mind and contemplate the promts

These are a few ways. Let me know the ways you choose! 

I'm always here for you: 

Want More?

The Boundless Heart Inner Circle is expanding for people just like you. Those who are coming home to themselves, standing up for themselves, speaking up for themselves, and rising with other women - this is how we change the world.

Start with respecting yourself, shamelessly!

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