this show is AMAZING!

LC is authentic and has such an incredible spirit. the topics are genuine and thought provoking and i am so excited i discovered this beautiful space!

Amazing show for relationship healing!!!

I love this show!!! LC has awesome guests who speak authentically about their experiences and it is a must listen if you are working through any relationship issues, including those with yourself! LC is a fantastic host with a pure and boundless heart 💗

Listen and love this show!

Men and women alike have so much to gain from LC’s perspective. Her passion for the subjects she discusses is palpable. I just finished her episode about codependency and it helped me understand so many people around me that struggle with that issue…and reminded me it’s not mine to fix. I love this show and you will too.

Real Talk for Real Women

This podcast gives me perspective from all sides of the the situation emotionally and in the brain. I sense a real creation here of power in community. It’s a heartfelt exchange of somewhat difficult yet empowering concepts. I for one plan to keep listening.

Boundless for real!

OMG, I fel so understood and can relay to all that is talked about. I love the topics and authenticity of LC and her guests. I am truly inspired!!!!!


I related so much to LC and felt an instant kinship when she tarted talking. Women need this perspective and it’s a perfect balance of strength and vulnerability 💖!!

LC is awesome!

LC has such fresh insight and wonderful at explaining the how’s and why’s of self-love and how we (women) and the planet can begin to thrive again. Giving The Boundless Heart 5 stars!!!

Def listen to this!

This was so eye opening! It really shows how you can be so full of emotion it blinds you from your core being of love! Def suggest listening to this podcast!